To be a member of the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) is already so wonderful. In order to be a member, an artist has to adhere to photojournalism and have “a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography,”  have a portfolio review and then be accepted.  Every quarter, members from around the world can submit a small amount of their favorite images to be judged by a panel of the finest wedding & photojournalism photographers.  Never did I expect to ever win an award.  After being in the WPJA for less than a year now, I was shocked and incredibly honored to see that one of my images had placed in the top ten for a category (9th place for Details found).  I can only imagine how many images the judges went through and to be among amazingly talented photographers from around the world. I am floored and so elated. Thank you to the beautiful bride, Liana.

I love documenting life. I love documenting weddings. I love that our clients trust to let us capture their moments through our point of view. I love that I am lucky to have an amazing husband & talented artist as a partner. We are honored to have amazing clients. This award is the cherry on top.

I just wanted to share this moment of happiness on the lifestyle portrait blog.

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♥ heidi