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March 11, 2014



Aspen is divine.  It is gorgeous.  I have lived in various mountain ski towns my entire life and this town is so beautiful.

This sweet family is just so wonderful.  Siblings flying in from Florida for a visit, grandparents flew in as well and a celebration of a couple of religious holidays to merge two families together was so sweet to document.  What a joy to see the relationship of a family together for the day.

Life isn’t perfect, but nothing is, so I want to document it as it is. Life is real, so a shoot should show the soul of a family.  A soul of the person being photographed.

I adore this family.  I even got to photograph the twins a few months later.  I am so lucky to see them grow up just a little.  I can’t wait to see them again.

Happy kids make me smile so much and you can see the love from these kids to their parents.

Here are just a FEW from our shoot.


♥ heidi

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Yay! I am finally getting back to catching up on the blog from where I left off last Summer!  I have a lot to catch you up on to say the least.

We have a new logo and wedding website and the wedding season has started along with everything turning green outside! I love it!

I wanted to start by saying hi and how I am excited to make the time to post sessions on here again.

As an artist, I also wanted to express my feelings on how I document families to ensure that all my future clients know what they are getting into with me with real expectations on photographing their family.  I want nothing more than to photograph people and the love they share and that want me to capture their real interactions.  That is what makes me love this job so much.  I want clients I connect with that get what I do for them.  I have to say that I do have the absolute BEST clients and am so incredibly grateful for all my past clients.  Without them, this journey would not be possible.  These images would not be possible.  I am still always in awe that families let me come into their lives and document them.  It is a huge huge honor.  The time I spend with them all will be with my always and a part of my life as well. That is truly special to me.

In this world of fast and mass communication and everyone wanting things now and not fully taking the time to read or grasp what is in front of them, I feel some things get lost in translation. I wanted to explain a little of what I do to capture images for clients based on what I do as an artist.  I often get asked by a potential client “I want the feel of that image you took” or “I want what they have in that image or session you took of that family, can you do that with my family?”  and I tell them that I don’t create the love that is behind the images I capture.  I don’t create the sweet and tender moments that take place between a family or that loving moment when the mom and dad kiss each other or hug their kids and have the best emotion on their faces or when siblings hug, love and play together; my clients do all that themselves. I can nudge or say to do something, like kiss or hug, but if there is not a piece of real raw emotion or a wanting to show it, I cannot capture it.  I don’t make those emotions suddenly appear in someone or a family. I CAPTURE it and PHOTOGRAPH the love and raw emotion a family already has and expresses in front of my lens.  I cannot make the love, touch or caress that a person gives come off as real and full of emotion if it is given in its truest form.  It has to be raw and in the moment for me to document it. Yes, I assist in creating a game plan for what to do in terms of the session and I can tell you to kiss one another or to jump for joy, but I cannot make a family show love, joy, happiness and meaningful glances if they are not expressed in a real manner.   Those feelings are created by the clients I am photographing and caught by me through the photographs I take.  I cannot express how much a client should want to be photographed and want me to document their life in an honest and emotional manner so that I can fully do my job.  My clients are just amazing people that want to be photographed.  I love that my clients are real families.  The ones where not everything is perfect.  Not everything goes as planned.  Kids get cranky or weather is not up to par so we wing it.  Not everything is posed perfectly. But real life.  I want to capture the real touches, glances, hugs, laughter, crying and, of course, fun.  I want to capture the real hugs, the long glances, the sweet kisses and the way you would truly hold, talk to and interact with your loved ones.  Otherwise I would just get a fake version of the real you and that does not make for real images for you or me.  Real moments have stories behind them and that is what I capture in a photograph.

So, come to the session ready to show who your family is and the love, life and fun you have together!! I look forward to all the meaningful moments you want me to document of your family.

Colorado family photographer.

♥ heidi

**Do not copy/save any images on this blog or website.  Thank you.**



Wow.  How fast a year can go by.  2012 was a blessed year and we are so incredibly grateful for every single moment it brought. We had the utmost honor of spending time with and photographing the loveliest people from all parts of the country; from new faces to people we have been documenting for many years now.  What a joy it is to watch families grow and evolve over the years.  The weddings were perfection filled with love and laughter and the families showed us how love grows even more over time. To repeat ourselves in necessary here too.  The fact that we get to document the happiest moments in people’s lives is more than we could ever ask for as people and artists.  We get to be among love and happiness and it is intoxicating to say the least.  2013 is already shaping to be a wonderful year and we would be so very lucky to have it be as amazing as 2012.  We wish this past year has been amazing for you and that 2013 will be even better.

The video (view video below) is of our amazing clients (with a few of our daughters sprinkled in there too) and art from weddings, engagements, street photography, commercial work, new babies, children and families. These are just some of our favorite photographs from clients that have allowed us to share the images in our body of work from this past year.  There are always the images we wish we could showcase, but privacy is respected on our part and we also could not post all images in the video, so please follow our wedding and lifestyle blogs to view the full stories on the sessions we are able to showcase.  If not already posted, they will be over the beginning of the year as we will be allowed a chance to catch up on our blogging.

Cheers to our clients and to the next year!  We look forward to all the people we get to meet and photograph in 2013.

xoxo~ daniel and heidi

**If you want more after our 2012 review, please view our best of 2011 if you are now just following us or wish to just reminisce a little**


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♥ heidi

To be a member of the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) is already so wonderful. In order to be a member, an artist has to adhere to photojournalism and have “a distinctly artistic vision toward wedding photography,”  have a portfolio review and then be accepted.  Every quarter, members from around the world can submit a small amount of their favorite images to be judged by a panel of the finest wedding & photojournalism photographers.  Never did I expect to ever win an award.  After being in the WPJA for less than a year now, I was shocked and incredibly honored to see that one of my images had placed in the top ten for a category (9th place for Details found).  I can only imagine how many images the judges went through and to be among amazingly talented photographers from around the world. I am floored and so elated. Thank you to the beautiful bride, Liana.

I love documenting life. I love documenting weddings. I love that our clients trust to let us capture their moments through our point of view. I love that I am lucky to have an amazing husband & talented artist as a partner. We are honored to have amazing clients. This award is the cherry on top.

I just wanted to share this moment of happiness on the lifestyle portrait blog.

To view more of our wedding photography, go here: portfolio & blog

♥ heidi