May 27, 2012

I don’t know how I am going to post all the images from this wonderful and meaningful family photo-shoot and the afternoon I spent with them.

No words can really describe what this shoot meant.

Trust me when I say these are just a few of the very many images from the session.

We went from blowing bubbles in the back yard to painting very special prayer flags to a hockey game to splatter painting a buddha to having pizza by the river then back for dinner…

Nothing can stop love.

I adore this family with more than I can write here on the blog.

Here are some of the many images that illustrate their family’s love for one another.

Cancer fucking sucks.  *Excuse my language, but it’s true.

A Family in Harmony Will Prosper in Anything ~A Chinese Proverb

♥ heidi



I was lucky to meet another new beautiful baby a few weeks ago. His family was so lovely and his mobile was too cute. More to come from this shoot soon.

♥ heidi

April 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Adwyn.

Our first born. Our princess.

We never would have known such deep love without you coming into our lives.

You are our first baby and have brought nothing but joy and happiness to our lives.

You have an amazing spirit, a beautiful smile that lights up the room and are such a wonderful sister to Jolie.

We can’t wait to see what life has in store for you and feel so lucky that we get to be your parents.

We love you with all our hearts.

♥ mom & dad

Females know how to multitask so well.  Why not play dollhouse with your new brother?  Duh!

I can’t wait to show more photographs from this session. It was a great lifestyle portrait session of a newborn and his amazing family in Denver, Colorado.

♥ heidi