Take a little time to enjoy the finer things in life, but don’t forget good friends, good beer, and some good sunscreen.  Colorado is paradise for water lovers.  I am asking you to please not let this season go to waste.  However, be responsible when having fun, because winter is right around the corner and snow season is no fun when you are laid up in a full body cast.

Most of these shots are from walking around, a sort of river-scaped street photography.  Thanks to all those who allow me to photograph their life’s moments.  This is after all why us photographers do what we do, for the chance to capture something special when no one else will.

Special note…the dunk tank was set up as a fundraiser for a very worthy organization in Durango, CO.  DEVO is an organization that helps young kids develop their skills and interests in mountain biking and turn it into a life long passion.  Check out their website and learn about the cause!


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