April 08, 2014


 Where you’re a photographer and artist, it is so hard to not take your camera with you everywhere.  Sometimes Daniel and I love to just enjoy the moments rather than capture it and will put aside our camera for the love of the moment and memory itself for just us, but then there are the other times where we know we want to capture some memories for us to have for our girls and family memories.  We want them to remember everything we did together and how much we love them.

We thought we would start off on small road trips before they get older and start expecting more grandeur trips.  What fun it was too.  It was fun seeing a few places we have never been then showing the girls White Sands National Monument where Daniel and I both went often growing up with our friends and family. We traveled through Taos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, the Large Array, White Sands and back up to the Four Corners and then to Durango. We loved every moment of the road trip, well minus a little car sickness and cleanup and just under a million “are we there yets,” but that just added to the memories we made this Spring Break.  I love spending time with my three loves and absolutely LOVE what Daniel did for us this trip. He set up the entire thing and it was so wonderful.  We had such a great time together as a family.  Daniel wanted to put together a time lapse of our trip, so with just over about 4,000 frames, here it is.  I just love it. I will cherish this forever as will the girls.  A huge thank you to my love, Daniel.  There are also some other beautiful frames that we took for family photographs that we will post soon.

Please enjoy this little snippet into our real life. We are just a normal family that are so lucky to have an abundance of love in our lives, a career we absolutely love and a simple life that makes us so incredibly grateful for everything that comes our way. We feel so incredibly blessed.

♥ heidi

{If for some reason you cannot view it in this blog post, please go here to view it: https://vimeo.com/91344443 }